How to Find the Best Jobs in Advertising

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How serious are you in your search for jobs in advertising?

The function of advertising is needed in every organization from the very smallest of companies to the larger Fortune 1000 employers. The job titles for the advertising profession varies greatly based on experience and education level.

There are thousands of advertising jobs posted all over the internet. Advertising jobs are found on employer sites, job boards, recruiter sites and niche sites specifically focusing on the advertising profession.

Advertising recruiters specialize mostly in the higher end advertising jobs and also have access to a wide variety of advertising jobs that are not advertised in the usual places.

Besides the traditional sites, you should consider using job portals. A great job portal to search search for advertising jobs is a site called This site is the most comprehensive job portal on the internet which combines nearly all the sources of advertising jobs into one place. has several power job search engines where you can enter your advertising search criteria and their job search engine scan thousands of internet sites in seconds and brings back all the results onto one page.

Working with advertising recruiters can help you get the inside track on many hidden advertising jobs.

Recruiters work with the hiring manager at companies and are given the task to find professionals in the advertising field. Recruiters get paid after they place an advertising professional at the company.

Recruiters in the advertising profession fall into various categories such staffing, retained search, permanent placement, and temporary placement.

It’s in the advertising recruiter’s interest to place the best and highest paid job seeker with the company. They higher the starting pay for the placed advertising professional, then the higher their commission.

There are thousands of recruiters specializing in the advertising field. The best way to quickly search their sites for advertising jobs is to visit the Recruiter Links section of

Sample advertising job titles found on

- Advertising Consultant

- Advertising Manager

- Advertising Executive

- Advertising Sales Executive

- Senior Advertising Analyst

- Advertising Coordinator

- Advertising Account Executive

- Director of Advertising

- Senior Media Buyer


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